Mowell Disposable Customized Cleaning Wet Swab, Antibacterial Sterile Medical Disposal Alcohol Swab 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Product Code: ME-106

Specifications: Alcohol swabs are typically made of non-woven fabric or cotton material that is soaked in isopropyl alcohol .

Size/Strength: 2-Ply

Product Description

alcohol swab

Alcohol swab

Mowell Alcohol swabs are an essential part of any first-aid kit for use in disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes and preventing infection.

Individually foil wrapped, these alcohol swabs are perfect for cleaning an injections site for medication delivery.

Mowell is a global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for people, patients and clinicians.

Alcohol swab

alcohol swab

alcohol swab

Essential First Aid Kit

An essential part of any First-Aid Kit for us in disinfecting wounds, such as cuts and scrapes.


Great for routine cleaning and disinfecting of small medical devices.

Medication Delivery

Made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol making it perfect for preparing skin for medication delivery.