Analogue Personal Baby Weighing Scale For Born Baby Manual Weight Machine for Babies upto 10 Kgs With Baby Tray

Specifications: Made for Babies: Large, smooth surface with a Tray platform to comfortably cradle your baby.
Accurate & Reliable Wide View dial with moving pointer.
Heavy gauge, Big tray with smooth edges, measuring tape on tray.
Easy removable pan with sliding mechanism : Capacity 10 Kg.
Accuracy as per International Standards. Sturdy & durable construction.
ABS Plastic Body with Plastic Pan.

  • This Analogue Baby Weighing Scale is the perfect health product for parents concerned about their baby’s development. Young children are constantly growing so, it’s important to monitor healthy changes. Keep track your baby’s weight to make sure your baby is getting the proper nutrition and is being fed the correct amount. This scale holds up to 10 kg. Designed for Comfort. The Smart Weight Analogue Baby Scale is beautifully designed to ensure the comfort of your baby with height measuring tray. This tray is Very Soft & Smooth for your baby. If desired, place a towel or blanket on the scale for your baby’s comfort. Place the baby on the scale and the scale will provide an accurate measurement of your baby’s weight.